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JagdPz E-100

9. 6. 2014


JagdPz E-100

Germany TD Tier X
Battle Tiers
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Cost 6,100,000  Credits
Hit Points 2,200 HP
Weight Limit 133.9/150 t
Radio Operator
Engine Power 1200 hp
Speed Limit 30 km/h
Traverse 20 deg/s
Power/Wt Ratio 8.96 hp/t
Pivot Yes
Hull Armor 250/120/150 mm
Damage 787.5-1312.5 HP
Penetration 224-374 mm
Rate of Fire
Aim time
Gun Traverse Speed
Gun Arc -8°/+8°
Elevation Arc -6°/+17°
Ammo Capacity 24 rounds
Chance of Fire 15 %
View Range
Signal Range
Parent Contour-Germany-JagdTiger.png
Child none
RT-Germany-JagdPz E-100.jpg
Germany-JagdPz E100.png

The JagdPz E-100 is a German tier 10 tank destroyer.

The E-100 was conceived as the basis for a self-propelled gun, an antiaircraft vehicle, and a tank destroyer. However, the development was never started due to the cancellation of Super-Heavy Tank development.

The JagdPz E-100, also known as the "Death Star" is the tier X German Tank Destroyer. Anyone who has been struck by the massive gun of this tank will tell you steer clear of it, if it happens to find you.

This tank features a massive 170mm cannon, dealing an average of 1050 damage a shot, the JagdPz E-100 can strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest tankers in world of tanks. The alpha of the gun has the ability to bring down even tier IX tanks with one or two shots. To balance the massive power of this tank it has been given a horrid reload time, matching that of some artillery vehicles, so it is highly recommended that this tank be accompanied by a few others. The armor protection of this tank is actually quite good, the only true weak spot on the front of this monster is the lower armor plate, but when the tank is fought at an angle even then that can be difficult to penetrate. Never underestimate this tank as doing so will cost you roughly half of your tank, if not all.


The JagdPz E-100 marks the end of the German tank destroyer line.


Tier Name Ammo Damage Penetration Shell Price Rate of Fire Accuracy Aim Time Elevation XP Cost Price Weight
X 17 cm PaK46 24 1050/1050/1400 HP 299/420/85 mm 2,200 Credits/18 Gold/1,430 Credits
-6°/+17° --- 365,000 Credits 7,680 kg

Tier Name Power Fire Chance Type XP Cost Price Weight
X Maybach Neues Projekt 1200 hp 15 % Gasoline --- 135,000 Credits 750 kg

Tier Name Load Limit Traverse Speed XP Cost Price Weight
X Jagdpanzer E 100 150 t 20 d/s --- 82,000 Credits 30,000 kg

Tier Name Range XP Cost Price Weight
X 10WSc
--- 51,600 Credits 160 kg

Historical Info

In May 9, 1944, at the meeting of representatives of the companies Krupp and Porsche, Krupp was asked to submit proposals for a super-heavy tank destroyer, mounting either of the 15 cm or 17 cm guns. The first proposal were made that a variant was to be built on Porsche's Maus, with either of the 15 or 17 cm guns mounted on a fixed superstructure. With further discussion, it was said that a variant on the Maus would not be possible due to its height and weight, which would be impossible to transport by rail. The second proposal was made on Adler's E-100. The E-100 proved to be better than the Maus. Porsche, defending its project, the Maus, proposed that anti-aircraft guns would just be mounted on both tanks, but such an assembly would be terribly difficult. Therefore, Porsche decided to offer Krupp the development of a super-heavy tank destroyer on the E-100. Before development could even start, Adolf Hitler ordered that the development on super-heavy tanks were be discontunied.